City ordinance could limit liquor stores in Montgomery

City ordinance could limit liquor stores in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery City Council will consider an ordinance that could limit the number of liquor stores that pop up in your neighborhood.

The ordinance would require that liquor stores be 250 feet away from churches, schools, public parks, youth clubs, group homes, shelter homes, or licensed daycare facilities.

Also, no two license liquor stores can be within 25 hundred feet of each other.

District Four Councilwoman Audrey Graham says the ordinance will not allow liquor stores to overcrowd an area, which will also attract more businesses.

“We want to begin to draw in people, so we have to just look at what we have coming in and how we want it to look,” Graham said. “I just believe this is going to help us to have a better look so we can be more attractive to businesses that want to come over to west Montgomery.”

If the ordinance is not passed at the next city council meeting, then a moratorium will not approve business licenses for liquor stores for three months.

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