Montgomery doctor pleads guilty to conspiracy in federal pill mill case

Montgomery doctor pleads guilty in federal pill mill case

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Montgomery doctor Di’Livro Beauchamp pleaded guilty to one count of felony information during a virtual hearing on Tuesday.

He’s charged with information for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. An information count allows a defendant to plead guilty before the case goes before a grand jury.

Beauchamp was arrested in July as part of an ongoing federal pill mill investigation involving his medical practice, Symmetry MedSpa.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Assistant United States Attorney Thomas Govan said Beauchamp was petitioned by a friend, who was also a patient, to write prescriptions for oxycodone hydrochloride for him and other individuals he recommended. Beauchamp agreed, despite the lack of medical need for the schedule 2 medication.

According to the arrangement, they would come to Beauchamp’s East Montgomery practice and pay $350 per prescription for thirty, 90 milligram oxycodone hydrochloride pills. As a point of reference, the FDA recommends dosing five to fifteen milligrams of oxycodone hydrochloride every four to six hours for pain for patients who don’t take opioids. It’s unclear how long Beauchamp was engaged in this agreement. The government confirmed there were no known victims in this case.

Following Beauchamp’s guilty plea, the defense made arguments to keep the defendant out on bond until sentencing. Reed said Beauchamp has had an unusually cooperative relationship with the government since he was arrested.

“Ever since the charges were made known he has consistently cooperated with the government without any delay and provided good intelligence about his conduct and any other conduct connected,” argued Beauchamp’s defense attorney, Joe Reed, Jr.

Reed called Beauchamp’s behavior an ‘aberration’, stating Beauchamp has deep remorse for his actions. The government took a neutral position on Beauchamp maintaining his bond, which was ultimately granted. Beauchamp surrendered his medical licenses as part of his bond conditions following his arrest. He is not authorized to practice medicine.

In the initial complaint filed against Beauchamp, the government alleged he was writing prescriptions for controlled substances for his friends, fraternity brothers and their families, who were not coming into the office for medical treatment.

A doctor who reviewed some of Beauchamp’s records described the defendant’s prescribing decisions as perilous and indicated it would be impossible to support some of the prescriptions Beauchamp provided. The expert stated one patient received an alarming number of controlled substances, pointing out a fatal outcome would not be surprising, according to court records.

Forfeiture matters connected to this case will be handled at a later date. The latest court records indicate Beauchamp must forfeit all property obtained by way of criminal activity, which includes $72,246 and nearly 20 firearms and ammunition.

At the time of Beauchamp’s arrest, his practice Symmetry MedSpa, listed him as a board-certified physician of urgent care medicine. He’s been practicing medicine in Montgomery since 1996.

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