Montgomery city council approves package store ordinance

Montgomery City Council approves package store ordinance

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - There is a new law on the books in Montgomery to regulate package stores in the community. Tuesday, the city council unanimously adopted a new set of rules that these businesses must follow before opening.

The ordinance requires that package stores be 250 feet away from churches, school grounds, and public parks.

Also, no two packages stores can open within 25 hundred feet of each other.

Community residents who spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting believe easy access to package stores will lead to crime.

“It’s like pouring gasoline on fire because we’re already faced with sex offenders, homeless shelters, drugs, and prostitution,” Greater Washington Park Community Association President Classie Thomas said.

They believe this new ordinance will attract new businesses to Montgomery.

“If we limit them, let have conversions of let’s clean it up, beautify it,” district four councilwoman Audrey Graham said. “If you’re in the community, let’s be a part of the community and sow into it.”

“Now that those guidelines are set, and they’re clear, it should be an easier process for them coming in for those who want to invest in west Montgomery, so we’re excited about that,” Westgate community resident Roderick Thornton said.

Councilwoman Audrey Graham says her next step will be inviting those businesses to come in.

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