Auburn City Schools ‘successfully’ entering second half of semester in person amid pandemic

Auburn City Schools ‘successfully’ entering second half of semester in person amid pandemic

AUBURN, Ala (WTVM) - District leaders with Auburn City Schools (ACS) said their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the district have been successful so far, after seeing low case numbers the first nine weeks of school.

The district was one of the first in East Alabama to begin traditional, in-person learning amid the pandemic back in August.

Now, their schools are more than halfway through the first semester.

“We feel like what we’ve done to this point has been successful,” said Daniel Chesser, the Public Relations Coordinator for ACS. “We’ve been able to keep those numbers low, so that’s something that we’re proud of.”

Here’s a look at those numbers the district has seen so far, with more than 6,300 students learning in person:

The first week of school, ACS reported nine positive cases among students and staff.

So far, according to ACS officials, they saw their peak the week ending Sept. 6 when they had 42 people test positive for COVID-19 and more than 400 students and staff in quarantine.

Officials with the district said last week, they saw four confirmed cases.

“[Most weeks] our numbers have been 10 or less,” Chesser said. “When you talk about the safety measures, the cleaning measures, the quarantine measures, everything we have in place to keep students and staff safe, we feel like we’ve done that successfully.”

According to leaders with district, those safety measures are now more important than ever.

“Even though we think we’ve got it under control, we’re just starting to go into the flu season,” said Brenda Lindahl, the district’s nurse administrator. “We need to be diligent. We need to continue with the safety precaution measures.”

Officials hope to be proactive with a flu shot clinic, bringing teams to each of the schools this Tuesday and Wednesday to give flu shots and other immunizations to students.

“The nice thing about this, parents don’t have to pay a copay, they don’t have to leave work,” Lindahl said. “Their students are here, we can go ahead and protect them for that as well as keep monitoring COVID.”

Both traditional and remote students can participate in the flu shot clinic.

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