Some voters waiting to cast absentee ballot want early voting

Some voters waiting to cast absentee ballot want early voting

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Lines to vote absentee in person paint a picture of enthusiasm for the election, but the snaked rows of people also show a desire for early voting in Alabama.

“I lived in Texas for four years and they do it out there. It’s wildly successful. You can go in and most poll places are open. Not just one courthouse in the city," said Corey Miles who was standing in line.

A total of 25 states have early voting, according to the National Conferences of State Legislatures. That does not include Alabama.

Vivian Carter, who also stood in line, said she would be out of town on Election Dday, “and that’s another thing," she explained. "If you work out of town or something, it creates complications for you.”

Some voters say lawmakers should allow early voting.

“Absolutely," Charles Mosely said. "I think early voting is very convenient. I don’t know why we wouldn’t do it.”

Other voters say Alabama is behind the times.

“Alabama should come into the 21st century and conduct early voting. It’s just mind boggling that we maintain some of the more antiquated processes in the state," Quinton McCorvey said while standing in line.

The League of Women Voters President, Barbara Caddell, said the group is ready to ask lawmakers to legalize early voting.

“It is my sense that many people get discouraged from voting. Whether they have a long, long line and their boss is tapping his foot and saying you’ve got to get back to work, or whether they feel that their vote is unimportant."

Even though early voting is not allowed in Alabama, for one voter, he said it does not mean give up.

“So, it’s still our responsibility to get out here and do what we can as citizens to make sure we do what we’re supposed to do," Mosely said.

Election Day is Nov. 3.

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