LAMP graduate launches historic magazine at UA

LAMP graduate launches historic magazine at UA
A Montgomery student is making history at the University of Alabama. (Source: Nineteen-Fifty-Six on Facebook)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A Montgomery student is making history at the University of Alabama.

Tionna Taite, LAMP graduate and Alabama sophomore is the creator and editor-in-chief of the first black student-led magazine on the college campus. It’s called Nineteen Fifty-six.

“1956 is the year that the first black student Autherine Lucy Foster was officially allowed to enroll at the University of Alabama,” Taite explained. “She wasn’t allowed to graduate and stay. However, she paved the way for black students as a whole to be able to attend the University and to ultimately have our first black graduate, which was Vivian Malone.” She got the idea for the magazine after she started her own blog.

“Over the summer after I created my blog “Becoming Black Excellence”, I began to think about if there are any publications on campus that allow for black students to share their experiences and talk about their culture," Taite explained.

So she created a magazine that covers culture and features the lifestyle and experiences of black students.

“It’s a general-interest magazine. That’s not just for black students, but also for students at the university as a whole. To help foster inclusiveness and diversity,” said Taite.

She sees this project paving the way for other students looking to spark change.

“I hope to serve as an influence to other students to start things on campus. They don’t have to be publications, but just things that they see that there’s a void for that can help other minority students excel and have a voice on campus as well,” Taite said. “I hope to serve as motivation for the younger generation to just say that regardless of age, and regardless of year in college, you are capable of enacting change in your community, whether that be on a large scale or small scale, the first step is just to do it and to take the action to get it done.”

Tionna has already published the first issue of Nineteen Fifty-six. The second issue launches this week.

“The goal is to publish a magazine edition per month,” she said. “We won’t be having a December edition. But we will be having one in January. So definitely stay tuned and check our social media pages to keep up with our launch dates.”

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