Spiritual Wealth: A new book from Christian financial advisor

New book from Christian financial advisor

DOTHAN, Ala. (WSFA) - Marc Hall seemed to be living the dream.

After graduating from Troy University, he jumped right into a TV career. The Dothan native landed a job in his hometown at WTVY. He did both sports and news for years. But after a while, he realized the long hours and weekends weren’t a great fit for his family.

So, he made a career change and became a financial advisor.

“The skills and the things we have to learn how to do every day as a reporter and anchor, to talk to people and gain their trust and open up, all the same skills I’m using along the way," said financial advisor Marc Hall.

Hall isn’t your typical financial advisor; all his advice comes from a biblical backing. About a year ago, that led him to do something he’s never done before.

“I think I had the conversation with God, and he said, ‘hey, I think we are going to write a book now.’ And I said ‘no.' And said ‘yeah I believe we are.’”

We see who won that one. Eight months ago, Hall started his book Spiritual Wealth.

“The Bible talks a lot about how to spend money and your lifestyle, what does the Bible say about debt and planning, and taking care of your family. All these are biblical principles that are transcendent and never change.”

In his book, it’s a 40-day journey that could change a lot more than your finances.

“You will find scripture, where God is asking you to do something a little bit different, to give in a different way, to take care of your finances differently, or view the world differently."

A career change for him and could be a life-changer for those who read it.

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