Montgomery Humane Shelter overloaded with kittens, needs foster families

Montgomery Humane Shelter overloaded with kittens, needs foster families

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery Humane Shelter has more kittens than it can care for and needs foster families to take them home.

“It’s been a very heavy season for cats and kittens,” explained the shelter’s Lea Turbert. "We have over 68 cats and kittens that are looking for new homes that does not include the ones that we have not processed yet. So they just keep coming in every single day. "

According to Turbert, this has been one of the shelter’s busiest cat seasons.

“Because it’s been very hot and, you know, they breed in the summer months, and we had a very heavy summer month. So yes, that, you know, if anyone you know has a cat or kitten right now, that’s not fixed, please get them scheduled. If they need help with that, please give us a call. We can gladly help them with that too.”

So, the shelter asks anyone considering a kitten adoption to consider its “foster with intent” option.

“What it means is if you come in and you find this little kitten that you really, really want, but it hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, you fill out the application, you get approved, you pay the adoption fee, and you take it home until it’s ready to be scheduled for surgery to get them spayed or neutered or microchip and up to date on their shots. And then once that is done, you finalize your adoption, and your baby is ready to be permanently in your home,” Turbert said.

Foster intent means that the pet has have not been altered yet. Turbert says the only people that can apply for them are that live in Montgomery County.

"And the reason why that is because we don’t have jurisdiction and other counties if something should happen, that they do not bring the cat or kitten back when their surgery is scheduled,” Turbert added.

The shelter has adapted its adoption process because of the pandemic.

“You can bring your children, but everybody has to wear a mask. You have to have an appointment. We don’t let anybody come in to look around unless they’re pre-approved. So the first step is, is get yourself pre-approved by going to our website."

After being approved, Turbert said the hope is you can bring a new little friend home that day.

Find the online adoption application here:

Mention WSFA 12 News on the application, and get $10 off the adoption fee.

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