Investigation continues on bullet fired into Selma mayor’s home

Investigation continues after shot fired at Selma mayor's home

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - Selma Mayor James Perkins hasn’t been on the job even three weeks and already he’s found himself concerned about something he likely thought would never happen.

Sometime overnight Friday, a 40-caliber bullet blasted through Perkins' home on First Avenue. He was not in town at the time.

“A lot of things going through your mind like what’s going on here," said Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford.

Selma police have launched an investigation that centers on whether this was an accidental shooting or something more sinister - a deliberate gunshot into the mayor’s private residence.

“The mayor reported Saturday morning to us that while he was in his residence he noticed that the bullet hole inside the wall knocked the sheet rock down and there was sheet rock on the book shelve," said Fulford.

So far, no word from Perkins on the matter. He was not in his office and no response from the voice mail at City Hall.

Accidental or not, the chief says whoever fired the round was perhaps no more than 40 feet away. The bullet is being analyzed for fingerprints.

“Right now we’re not ruling anything out. We’re exploring all of our options," said Fulford.

The shooting comes at a time when Selma police are noticing a rash of random shootings. That part of First Avenue is not particularly known for such misbehavior, but it’s a different story one street over.

“It’s very concerning. We’ve had a lot of shootings, just random shootings lately, no targets, just random shootings and people need to understand that there could be a victim," Fulford said.

One shot. One bullet. One home: the mayor’s home. No leads so far.

Fulford has been with the Selma Police Department for 18 years and can’t recall a case in which a city leader had his or her home shot into.

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