Caleb Brooks awaits new donor as doctors postpone Friday transplant

Updated: Nov. 20, 2020 at 9:29 AM CST
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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WAFF) - UPDATE: Caleb Brooks will now not receive a small intestine transplant on Friday morning.

Caleb’s wife Madeline posted on Facebook that doctors were not satisfied with the donor organ received. Brooks will be discharged from the hospital on Friday.

In her post, Madeline said Caleb would go through a dry run of the surgery since the actual surgery cannot happen today. She also wrote that this process is common while waiting on a transplant.

ORIGINAL: It’s been over three months since a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator was seriously injured by a bull.

On Friday morning, Caleb Brooks is scheduled to receive transplant surgery in Cleveland.

WAFF’s Jenna Rae spoke with Caleb’s wife Madeline. She said the small intestine transplant is set for Friday morning.

Brooks had been back at home with his family last month after receiving medical treatment in Ohio. He needed to let his injuries heal in order to be ready for the transplant.

On October 21, Madeline posted on social media that Brooks received a date he will appear on the transplant list. According to the post, Brooks was active on the list November 16th, for a small intestine.

November 16th also marked three months since the accident happened at the family’s home.

Madeline has been updating over 4,000 people on her husband’s recovery on the Facebook page, Our Journey #Praying4Brooks.

A statement from Madeline’s post about the transplant:

"It is so crazy to me that November 16 will be 3 months from the day Caleb was attacked. These 3 months have felt like a lifetime! We have overcome so much during this time. We’ve cried and we’ve rejoiced. We’ve been fearful and we’ve been confident. We’ve had really bad days but also really good ones. We’ve welcomed our new baby boy into this journey. But most importantly, we’ve remained faithful to God. Every single thing that has happened to our family is completely credited to Him.

Caleb has recently been able to return to work which has been so good for him. He still has some pain, but feels as normal as he can at this point. Bryar is still enjoying school and being at home and Luke is growing great and eating good!

This transplant will be a lot. So many things have to go perfectly right for everything to work out. Caleb will go through so much after transplant trying to get his body back to normal. God knows every need and every worry, but prayers always help too! With his transplant also means that someone will be losing their life. I pray that they know Jesus and can celebrate healing Caleb in heaven. I pray for their family and loved ones who will be mourning their loss. I know God will comfort them and help heal their hearts."

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