Selma mayor responds publicly for first time to his home being shot

Selma mayor responds publicly for first time to his home being shot

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - Selma Mayor James Perkins had a lot to say about his home getting shot at.

Perkins addressed the situation for the first time Friday.

He left little doubt where he stood on the random shootings engulfing the city these days.

Just one week ago, someone pulled the trigger and fired a .40-caliber bullet in the mayor’s home on First Avenue.

“It went through the wall, not the window. It went through a plaster wall and not sheetrock. It ricocheted off the plaster wall and then entered a book that was on my bookshelf. By the way, that book was a study of the Acts of the Apostles,” Perkins said.

The mayor and his wife weren’t at home at the time. So far there has been no arrest in the case. Investigators have said the shot was likely fired no more than 40 feet away.

“If it was fired from a short distance, chances are great it was intentional,” Perkins said.

Even more troubling to the mayor is, according to him, this has happened before. The first time around, he never reported it.

“Shots fired into our home before when I was mayor. This time, I am taking a different approach,” he said.

The approach? Have the police chief submit a plan, a blueprint to include new technology to try to combat the problem.

“And resources that can be used citywide to help prevent this from happening,” Perkins said.

Until then, there will be more patrols by police.

Perkins served two terms as mayor from 2000 to 2008. He won another term this year.

Perkins declined to offer details on what type of technology the police chief could propose to try to curb the random shootings.

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