Ethan’s Heart: Local boy provides care packages for homeless community

Local boy's effort to help the homeless

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A little boy with a big heart. That’s Ethan Hill, the founder of Ethan’s Heart.

He’s doing his part to help the homeless not just during the pandemic but throughout the year.

“It’s great when people come around the holidays when we have more than enough,” says Ebony Hill, Ethan’s mother. “But it’s amazing to see you out now when we don’t have much at all.”

She says he came to her with this idea about four years ago. He’d see a man every day on his way to school living under the freeway. One day they stopped to meet him and found out he’d been living there for over 30 years.

After their conversation, Ethan asked his parents could he use his Christmas money to purchase items to help him. Since then, his story has gotten recognition from all over. But Ethan says it’s bigger than that.

“It makes me feel like I’m helping other people and it’s not all about you. It’s about other people that doesn’t have as much as you have,” says Ethan.

He says the people he serves are very appreciative.

“They don’t really say anything, they just thank us for all we do. But it’s the least we could do,” Ethan says.

His care packages include non perishable snack bags, wash cloths, and insulated sleeping bags for temperatures as low as 35 degrees. Ethan says when it comes to putting together his care packages he tries to put himself in their shoes.

“They still need something to wipe with. They still need something to blow their nose on,” says Ethan. “So why not put it in there. We thought about things that normal people may need in the winter time. And we just gave them ponchos, blankets and emergency blankets and stuff.”

Ethan knows things were already hard for the homeless community and the pandemic has made it more difficult. He shares this message:

“It’s just hard for everybody this year, so we doing the best that we can to get everything together for everybody.”

Ethan plans to continue to handing out care packages on weekends until supplies run out.

If you would like to contribute, here are a few ways to donate:

Cash App: $Ethansheart or 205-538-2330

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