Hundreds fill 2 parking lots for food boxes in Alex City

Hundreds fill 2 parking lots for food boxes in Alex City

ALEX CITY, Ala. (WSFA) - 2020 will no doubt go down as the year of COVID, but that wouldn’t be telling the complete story. The pandemic has forced some contemplation, a call to action, and the helping of those who are less fortunate.

At the Sportsplex in Alex City, Rhonda Dickerson was the first in line Wednesday to receive her three boxes of food. To get it, she lined up her car hours before the sun rose and started her wait at 3 a.m.

“Others lined up behind me after that,” she explained. “I’m going to keep me a box and give my friend a box.”

And she was not alone.

This is the brainchild of New Style Church pastor Ivan Harris who branched out some time ago to begin feeding those affected by the pandemic. He teamed up with Bridge Builders of Alex city to make it happen and he says the federal government has partnered with area food banks and churches to make the food available for the needy.

“It has allowed me to really to get outside of myself and not just my surroundings but to look deep in the surroundings of other people and their backgrounds,” Pastor Harris explained.

About 800 people waited in their vehicles, which covered two parking lots, as two truckloads of food arrived. They gave away about 3,000 boxes of food containing milk, dairy products and meats.

The numbers, and the wide view, show the depth of what the need is just in Tallapoosa County.

“We have many who have lost their jobs, furloughed from their positions,” said Harris.

“I’ve learned a lot here,” said volunteer Cheyenne Cooper. “It brings a happiness in me and once I close that door, they got it. I know they got it.”

Harris had no idea what the response would be when he started this program back in July. So far, 7,000 people per month and counting are taking part.

“We have people that drive for miles,” he explained. Thousands, like Dickerson, have driven away fulfilled. So has Harris, though in a different way.

The weekly food giveaway takes place every Wednesday morning at the Sportsplex.

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