Trinity sophomore sinks 1,000th point with family by her side

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Swish. The sound of the ball falling perfectly through the basket is a basketball player’s favorite sound.

And, every player’s dream is to hit 1,000 points at some point in their career. For Trinity guard Emma Kate Smith, that milestone came a little earlier than expected.

Smith joined the 1k club on Monday, hitting a step-back J on her first shot of the game. She is only a sophomore for the Wildcats.

“It was interesting thinking about how she was going to do it, and for us, her shooting the three would only be fitting because that’s where she takes most of her shots,” said girls head coach Blake Smith. “It was nice for that to be the shot that was 1,000 for her.”

But, as easy as it looked, Emma Kate said she was actually nervous taking the courts.

“Honestly going out there I was like, ‘I’m probably gonna miss my first five shots just from nerves’ or whatever,” said the sophomore. “But when I got out there, I did a little step-back thing and then I shot it and I was like, ‘oh no there’s no way that’s going in,’ and then it went in and I was like oh my goodness - that was it!”

As if scoring her thousandth point wasn’t special enough, Emma Kate crossed that goal off her list with her family on the court. Her dad is actually the coach, and her point guard is Maddie Smith – her younger sister.

Emma Kate Smith (left) and her sister Maddie (right) work on ball-handling and dribbling together during practice.
Emma Kate Smith (left) and her sister Maddie (right) work on ball-handling and dribbling together during practice. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

“I’m a little harder on them obviously, but I tell you what’s interesting is we don’t really take it home with us,” said Coach Smith. “I say everything I need to say here, I don’t have to say it at home; they get it at the gym, so I think it’s really special.”

“I’ve never really had a coach that wasn’t my dad, so it feels normal to me but it’s funny because we tend to butt heads a lot more than other people will because I’m his daughter,” added Emma Kate

Now that 1,000 is in the rearview, the sophomore is ready for a new challenge.

“Well my next personal goal would be to get to 2,000, but I have time to do that, so not just scoring, but focusing on scoring as much as I can in game so I can get to that goal,” she said.

“We wanna set goals, but at the same time, those don’t define us,” added Coach Smith. “She’s done a lot of good things already, and if she doesn’t reach those other goals, that’s perfectly fine. But, we’ve got a number in mind that between she and I we want her to get.”

The Wildcats tipped off the 2020 season earlier this month.

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