Alabama ABC Board approves curbside liquor sales in smaller amounts

Updated: Dec. 14, 2020 at 5:50 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board amended an emergency rule Monday allowing on premise alcohol licensees to sell alcohol To Go again.

“The young lady that just left right after you spoke to me, I told her to get us a campaign together real fast so we could have something up and going within the hour,” Jason Hutchins told WBRC.

Hutchins, General Manager of Brick and Spoon, a restaurant serving breakfast, brunch and lunch in downtown Tuscaloosa is excited to put To Go alcohol back on the menu.

It made a positive impact here earlier in the year. “We saw a lot more folks stop by just to get drinks. We saw a huge spike in repeat orders at the tables when people were getting ready to go when they finished their meals. They said ‘We’ll have another mimosa to go,’” Hutchins continued.

The new rule limits the amount of liquor that can be sold to .375 liters of spirits, two bottles of wine and 144 ounces of beer per customer.

Hunter Wiggins, who owns Session in downtown Tuscaloosa, appreciated the ABC Board listening to concerns from businesses. He said the switch will have little impact at his bar.

“We don’t have any products in our building that fit those parameters. I do know that prior to this being amended, the last one in the spring and summer allowed us to sell up to a 750 or a little bottle which is 33 ounces, so I’m hoping maybe that’ll be the next step is giving us the ability to sell bottles that are a little larger,” Wiggins added.

The ABC Board voted for the change at the requests of several Chambers of Commerce. It’s in effect until January 4th.

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