ASU using drones to sanitize sporting venues against COVID-19

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alabama State University has unveiled a new plan to fight COVID-19 during athletic events.

The university has partnered with Varigard for a new kind of hand sanitizer that the company says can last on surfaces and your hands for up to two hours. The company says during that time you cannot spread or pick up viruses from surfaces, including COVID-19.

Varigard is a patented, bio-based organic sanitizer. In a statement by the manufacturer, Draganfly Inc., asserts that Varigard’s sanitizers have been “proven to sequester and kill COVID-19, STAPH, MRSA, E Coli, and pneumonia for a minimum of two hours on skin and 24 hours on surfaces.”

And they are using drone technology to dispense this sanitizer.

“We are the first University in the country to use this cutting-edge technology,” said ASU University President Quinton Ross Jr.

The drone technology is patented by Draganfly, which is the exclusive flight services provider of the new pathogen and virus sanitizer.

Ross says that while ASU is the first college to receive the new equipment, he hopes that it will not be the last.

“And it’s something that everyone should consider, and I think the sooner that all of them embrace using this new technology, the quicker we get to some sense of normalcy during this time of COVID-19 and I think it’s the perfect time when you talk in terms of the vaccine that is now being transported all over the country,” said Ross.

“Because of our overall safety protocols, which includes sentinel testing, we have been able to keep COVID-19 cases to around 2% of our entire campus population. Draganfly’s technology is a part of our being able to keep those numbers down,” Ross said. “Today, we continue our partnership with Draganfly by using its Varigard product. We are excited about this new sanitizer and the innovative delivery method.”

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