County Road 12: Elmore man restores 1920’s windmill

Updated: Dec. 18, 2020 at 12:42 PM CST
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ELMORE, Ala. (WSFA) - There’s just something about a childhood memory. For Elmore D’Aun Meherg she remembers seeing something pretty cool on car rides as a little girl.

“For years, that was just something I saw on the way to grandma’s house,” said D’Aun Meherg. “It’s always been a memory.”

When she and her husband moved to some property in Elmore, they found her; Windy was lying on the ground in pieces.

“When we got her, she was beat up pretty bad,” said Joe Meherg. “This windmill was made in 1925 in Chicago, Illinois.”

Windy, the windmill wasn’t done spinning yet. Joe found a friend with some experience restoring them and putting them up, and he went to work.

“Starting in March of this year, we started taking her apart and putting her back together, and on Nov. 12th, we stood her up.” Joe Meherg said.

His wife’s reaction, two big thumbs up.

“When we were out there a few weeks ago, she looked up and said this reminds me of home,” Joe Merherg added.

It’s also a reminder that old can still be good.

“Mainly, she’s here to work and let people know things can be done the old way,” Joe Merherg added. “This windmill will pull water up from 500-600 feet underground.”

Windy the windmill, still working hard in Elmore and spinning back some great memories out along County Road 12.

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