Tuskegee police discuss armed robbery suspect’s arrest

Tuskegee police arrest man accused of multiple robberies

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (WSFA) -The streets of Tuskegee are little safer after the arrest of an armed robbery suspect. Police say the man targeted unsuspecting citizens in a 24-hour time period. It all came to an end Tuesday night with his arrest.

He was captured, arrested and thrown in the Macon County jail.

“They’re always lucky when you don’t have violence in a situation,” said Tuskegee Assistant Police Chief Loyd Jenkins.

Timothy Samuel Jr., all of 20 years old, allegedly robbed three people. In one case, the victim reportedly did a kind thing and offered Samuel a ride.

“These people are looking for opportunities and that people have that simple lapse in situational awareness, so they can take opportunities to basically make them a victim in their situation,” said Jenkins.

The suspect’s run from the law ended Tuesday night in the 800 block of Southmont Drive in the city. Police say he didn’t resist arrest.

Investigators now have the weapon in question.

Samuel faces not one but three counts of first-degree robbery, potentially 60 years in prison if he’s convicted.

“Really in two of the situations it was firearms and in the third situation monetary money.. I’m not clear on the amount at this time. Most of time in a situation like this it’s a crime of opportunity and they just keep going until they get caught basically. We were just lucky we got a good description, patrol was out they had seen him and some of the officers were aware of that description, so it was kind of a quick roundup,” said Jenkins.

For now Samuel remains in the Macon County jail on bonds totaling $90,000.

Tuskegee police say none of the victims were injured.

It’s not clear yet whether Samuel has an attorney representing him.

Jenkins says during the holiday season they typically see an uptick in the overall crime rate.

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