Montgomery trainer offers tips for getting in shape in 2021

Montgomery trainer offers tips for getting in shape in 2021

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s a new year and for many people that mean’s a start to New Year’s resolutions.

One of the biggest goals for people every year is to get in shape. A fitness trainer in Montgomery has some tips for those heading to the gym for the first time.

If your 2021 goal is to run, lift or walk your way into a more healthy lifestyle, Fred Shelby, director of healthy living at YMCA of Greater Montgomery, says one big tip is to start your workouts off easy and take things slow.

“Let’s just say you’ve never ran before and you go out and say, ‘I’m gonna run a 5K today,’ you’re probably going to get hurt, you’re probably going to hurt yourself. So you may want to start off like ‘Hey, I’m going to try to walk/run a block or whatever around my neighborhood, things of that nature, but you want to start off easy, start off slow, make changes that you could, you know, sustain for a longer period of time instead of something that’s going to be a quick fix,” Shelby said.

If you are reluctant to go to a gym during the pandemic, at-home workouts can also suffice.

“I know a lot of us, we like to watch Netflix or TV shows,” he said. “You know, during those breaks or commercial breaks, you know, let’s just say OK, I’m going to get up and I’m going to get up and I’m going to do 10 squats you know, during those commercial breaks, so it adds a little bit of physical activity throughout your day.”

Shelby says a lot of your changes should start in the kitchen.

“Make small changes in your diet, whether that be drink more water, you know, eat more vegetables, things like that, you want to look at the food guide pyramid, you know, making sure you’re getting the correct serving size,” he said.

He says some people might want to consider seeking professional help.

“You need a customized plan for your body and what you’re trying to achieve so weight loss is going to be different than muscle building, so on and so fourth, so you’re going to have to talk to somebody with a lot of expertise in that particular area in order to get you the results that you want and need,” said Shelby.

And be consistent if you really want to see results. Shelby said, “Keep doing something, so whether it’s walking, changing your eating habits, do those small things and eventually those small things turn into something a lot bigger.”

On average, only 8% of those who set out New Year’s resolutions actually stick through with them for the whole year. When it comes to fitness resolutions, experts say it is all about staying realistic.

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