Tuskegee Councilman Johnny Ford encourages COVID-19 vaccinations

Former Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford gets COVID vaccine

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (WSFA) - Tuskegee Councilman Johnny Ford was vaccinated against COVID-19 Thursday morning.

His message to others is to do the same. His comments refer to the Tuskegee study from decades ago where the federal government essentially used residents as “guinea pigs.”

Some people in Tuskegee are apprehensive about the vaccine after that study.

“Back at that time our people were victims. Today we are part of the solution. We have African Americans who are involved in science, African Americans who are involved in developing the vaccine. We are part of the solution,” said Ford.

“We will never forget what happened 40 or 50 years ago with that infamous study. This is 2021. And my message today: I am happy to be able to take the vaccine because I believe in science, I trust science, I trust God, and I trust the science, and I’m encouraging others to do likewise,” he said.

Alabama remains in Phase 1a of its COVID-19 vaccine administration. Some counties have been able to intermittently vaccinate persons age 75 years and older.

There is no word on when the state will move on to the next phase of vaccination distribution.

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