Greenville police warn of scam checks in the mail

Greenville police warn of scam checks in the mail

GREENVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) - Greenville police are putting out an alert after residents have been getting scam solicitations,

Chief Justin Lovvorn posted on social media that several residents have been receiving letters with checks for up to $3,000 in the mail. He says the letters ask the recipient to sponsor a product by advertising it on their personal vehicles. The letters reportedly say a digital artist with wrap their vehicle for such advertising.

Lovvorn says the letter instructs them to deposit the check then send back part of the money for the vehicle to be wrapped.

“The check is not real and will be denied in a few days after deposit,” Lovvorn wrote.

He says anyone who deposits the check and sends the scammers the money is then responsible for repaying the bank.

Lovvorn is warning people not to trust unsolicited money and to not give your personal information. This also applies to solicitations or scams by phone or online.

He says to not cooperate with unknown people until you confirm who they are and what they tell you.

He says one tip is to ask for their contact information to see if they are hesitant to give it.

If you suspect a scammer has contacted you, reach out to local law enforcement.

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