Grandmother, young grandchildren rescued from Alex City house fire

Firefighters save family from house fire in Alex City

ALEXANDER CITY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alexander City firefighters are heroes in the eyes of one family. It was a daring rescue and literally a situation where every second counted.

The call came in shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday. A home on fire on I Street, fully involved with reports of not one but three people trapped inside, a grandmother and her two grandchildren ages 1 and 4.

“I went in that direction and found the infant,” said veteran firefighter Bud Acton.

It fell to Acton to summon the courage to rescue them from a blazing furnace.

“You don’t think about being tired,” he said.

Through dense smoke and flames all around him, Acton managed to pull all three to safety, handing out the babies through the window and crawling out with the grandmother.

“And I got her under her arms and started crawling backyards down on the floor dragging her out. Fear never entered my mind,” he said.

He is quick to point out though it wasn’t all him.

Peyton Frew helped knock down the blaze, a big man with a soft heart.

“The part that got to me is when you’re rubbing the kid’s head and you tell him he’s going to be OK but you don’t really know for sure. You just do your job,” said Frew.

“It’s a heavy, heavy burden because there is a life in your hands,” said Lt. David Cantrell.

Firefighters say there is no doubt in their minds had the call come in 60 seconds later this would be an entirely different story.

Instead of three fire fatalities, we are now celebrating the fact three people survived and are expected to recover, a relief for a city that saw six people die in house fires in 2020, far more than the yearly average in Alex City.

You won’t find the letter “I” in the word “team” on what happened on I Street two nights ago; just men who simply confronted the fiery danger and saved a family of three.

Alex City fire investigators say it was an overcharged electrical outlet that started the fire.

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