Alex City public school personnel to get COVID-19 vaccinations

Alex City school staff to get vaccinated

ALEXANDER CITY, Ala. (WSFA) - More than 200 public school teachers and additional personnel in the Alexander City school district will be getting their first COVID-19 vaccine shot.

“I couldn’t breathe. It was horrible,” said school teacher Wanda Brooks, who is only a few months removed from her battle with COVID-19.

There was a point a few months ago when Brooks thought her time had come.

“I called my parents two days in a row and thought I was going to die,” she said.

Brooks was hospitalized for 10 days at East Alabama Medical Center. Since Brooks is beyond the 90-day recovery window, she is medically eligible to get her first COVID-19 vaccine shot at Russell Medical Center in Alex City.

Brooks won’t be alone. More than 200 like her will do the same.

“I’m excited. I know it’s going to work,” she said.

It’s in the Professional Building at Russell Medical where Alex City public school faculty and staff will receive their jabs, enough of the liquid gold in stock for the schools.

“It’s very simple and very easy,” said Russell Medical Center CEO Jim Peace.

Peace says they’ve already vaccinated first responders and hundreds of people 75 and up.

“We’ve not wasted a single dose and those vials come in 10 doses,” said Peace.

“Us being a one B criteria, it’s not like we’re jumping over anyone, and again the importance of educators just like first responders, just like your medical personnel, I think it’s essential for our employees to get vaccinated so we can continue to provide the education for our students,” said Alexander City Schools Superintendent Keith Lankford.

The first group gets inoculated Friday and among the first in line? Wanda Brooks.

“Pretty close. I’m at 9:45,” she said with a smile.

Brooks is armed and ready for the juice, more than eager to put her dance with COVID-19 far behind.

Alexander City public school district leaders say the second group of teachers and personnel will get their first shots next Friday.

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