Doctors caution letting guard down as COVID-19 case totals improve

Face masks required sign
Face masks required sign(WBRC)
Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 at 9:49 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With a statewide mask mandate and now a federal mask mandate, some places are still allowing people inside without a mask. As cases go down, doctors say it’s not the time for us to ease up on protection.

“Please encourage your family and friends to report these incidents,” says Dr. Ellen Eaton. “In addition to avoiding going to these specific settings where you are going to potentially be exposed to coronavirus.”

Dr. Eaton says she’s heard patients say they thought one time in large public gathering or event wouldn’t hurt. But that one time could come with lasting effects for you and those around you.

“Imagine the type of super spreader events we can see if we invite our neighbors over,” says Dr. Eaton. “Maybe it’s not those neighbors that get sick. But it’s much more likely to be their parents, someone who helps clean their home. Someone who gives them their medication at the pharmacy.”

Eaton says she wants businesses to operate responsibly. She says we all should continue to work together to stop the spread.

“If you own a business. A business that has had a tough year which I think is probably most of our businesses,” says Eaton. “You are a part of this effort as well. You can make a huge difference by preventing additional spread additional infections. Keep your patients healthy and safe.”

If you see a business that isn’t following the mask mandate or social distancing guidelines, call local law enforcement or the Alabama Health Department at 1-866-264-4073. If the business is in Jefferson County, contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 205-933-9110.

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