Antibody treatment highly effective for COVID-19 patients at UAB

Antibody treatment highly effective for COVID-19 patients at UAB
(Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The ways that patients are treated for COVID-19 in hospitals have changed over the course of the pandemic, but the new UK variant means new questions.

There are still a limited amount of things that can be done for COVID patients, but they have found treatments to help.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, researchers have discovered different treatments that do work, like antibodies, and some that do not, like hydroxychloroquine.

UAB’s Dr. Michael Saag says they are not in short supply of treatments at this time, but there are certain requirements for them to work, regardless of if it’s the variant or not.

For instance, the monoclonal antibodies should be given just three or four days after severe symptoms start, and Dr. Saag says if that happens, they work like “magic.”

“We’ve treated over 550 people with this who were at high risk for admission, I would guess 120 would have gone in the hospital, today only 15 of the 550 have gone in the hospital so it’s really working well,” said Dr. Michael Saag.

Those antibodies must be administered through an IV and it is done outpatient.

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