6-year-old Hanceville boy donates money from his piggy bank to Fultondale

Updated: Feb. 5, 2021 at 9:01 PM CST
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FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - A young boy from Hanceville gave money from his piggy bank to help those who lost everything when a deadly EF-3 tornado ripped through the city of Fultondale.

The little boy is just six years old, and already has a heart to give. His family said they’ve been teaching him how to love and to help others for his entire life and those lessons are clearly paying off.

“I gave the people my money,” said 6-year-old, Justin Adams, who a little shy, as he explained why he wanted to donate money to the people of Fultondale.

“So, they have stuff to buy.”

But his compassion and desire to give was anything but timid. When asked how he felt after making his donation, Justin replied, “Happy.”

Justin and his grandmother made the drive from Calera. When they got to Fultondale, Justin requested to speak to the mayor who said he was honored to receive the donation.

“This is what he handed me and said that he wanted it to go to people that was in need,” said Mayor Larry Holcomb. “That was his savings and he wanted to be involved just like everybody else,” Mayor Holcomb said.

And helping others seems to run in the family. Justin’s father is a paramedic, and his mother is a nurse. His grandmother, Rhonda Johnson, was packing up supplies to take to Fultondale when Justin asked if he could help.

“Justin says, ‘Can I give them the money out of my piggy bank?’ and I said, ‘Sure.’ So, we went and got his money out of his piggy bank to take up there,” Johnson said.

“It just makes us extremely proud. Proud of him. Proud that he’s stepping up, supporting the community and hopefully starting a good legacy of things to come,” said Justin’s father, Chris Johnson.

Justin’s family said he’s learning to save a little money, spend a little money, and also give a little money.

And in case you were wondering how much money was in that little zip lock bag…$5.08.

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