Married 72 years, Montgomery couple gives advice on love

Married 72 years, Montgomery couple gives advice on love

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Not many couples can say they have been married for more than half a century, but for Valentine’s Day, we thought we would get some love advice from one couple who has been married 72 years.

Montgomery residents Gertha and James Herndon are both 93 years old, and they know a thing or two about love.

“If you find somebody you kind of like, and feel like that he might make you a husband or whatever, you just have to stick with it,” Gertha said.

The couple has been happily married since 1948, after tying the knot in Georgetown, GA, on Nov. 24.

The Herndon's on their wedding day in 1948.
The Herndon's on their wedding day in 1948. (Source: The Herndon's)

Gertha is from Pittsview and James was born in Montgomery. The couple has lived in the city together since 1956.

The Herndon’s first met while in school together in Russell County.

“He was out teaching school, and I was going to school,” Gertha said with a chuckle.

Together the Herndon’s have four children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

“The number one thing is ask the Lord to go with you,” Gertha said. “Then make sure you love him or she and then I think you can make it, but you’re going to have to stand on your knees praying to make it. It’s not easy.”

The couple said the key to a long-lasting marriage is having a strong faith.

“You can’t say everything you want to say. You have to think before you speak, and just put God in front and do as he says. You’ve got to talk to him,” Gertha said. “Not one day, every day.”

Gertha and James are both heavily involved in different organizations. James is a distinguished member of Prince Hall, and Gertha has always been his date.

They both said they found the most joy when they traveled together.

James was a brick mason and traveled from coast to coast, laying bricks for nearly 35 years, while Gertha was a domestic engineer.

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