Hundreds of MPS employees receive first COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of MPS employees receive first COVID-19 vaccine

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Thursday was the day set aside for hundreds of Montgomery Public Schools employees to get their first COVID-19 vaccine shot at Alabama State University.

The engine behind inoculation project for MPS personnel was Joyce Loyd-Davis. In charge and in command of a large team delivering one shot after another, it was an “assembly-line” like production.

“We’ll check your temperature,” one nurse said to an employee.

Months of training and dry runs rolled to near perfection.

“Actually going better than I anticipated,” said Davis, who is the senior director for Alabama State University’s health services.

A special day designated for Montgomery County public school district employees such as Katrina Jackson.

“No, I don’t have any fear about getting the shot. I feel like it’s important to stifle the spread of COVID,” said Jackson who works in central office for the Montgomery County public school district.

While Davis made sure everyone was lockstep in the process, nurses filled syringes nearby with the “liquid gold.” One wonders how you can possibly keep track of it all. After all, we’re talking 800 employees.

“We have nurses assigned specifically for drawing up syringes,” Davis said.

Tamika Blackshear had no worries. In fact, she was more than eager to get her first dose after contracting the virus last summer, a hellish nightmare of an experience.

“It was no joke. I was sick and it’s awful,” Blackshear recalled.

And Thursday was only the beginning. They get to do it all over again 21 days from now.

Armed with confidence, the first dose is in the books and there were no reports of any allergic reactions.

“Anybody having pain today?” Davis asked a group of vaccine recipients. They all said “no.”

On to the second round 21 days away.

The 800 or so who received their first dose barely touches the 4,500 who work for MPS, but superintendent Ann Roy Moore says a good percentage of the other personnel got their first shot at other locations.

MPS has ordered all school personnel back to their buildings on March 29. Students will follow face-to-face in-person learning on April 5.

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