MPD implements traffic detail to combat speeding, street racing

MPD implements traffic detail to combat speeding, street racing

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery Police Department is cracking down on speeding and street racing in the city.

Just last week alone, MPD said they issued out 140 citations for speeding, and now street racing concerns are on the rise.

“Some of them (drivers) are even at stop lights and just rev their engines as loud as they can,” said Major John Hall with MPD. “They make those engines just extremely loud. So they can actually be at a stop light, but we still get the complaints.”

Reckless driving is something several people in the city said they are used to witnessing.

“Sometimes, the kids are playing basketball and the cars are coming by and they are real reckless,” said one woman who lives off Southmont Drive. “Sometimes, they’re on their phones texting and speeding.”

“People on Fairground Road come flying down through there and it’s pretty scary,” said Rick Cleckler who lives off of that road. “And they have quite a few accidents there too.”

Families who live on Cherry Street in the Highland Park Community said they are ready to see a change.

“If MPD wants to take time out to control the speeding here, please do,” said Marion Ackley, HOA president for the Highland Park Community.

Hall said MPD has taken notice of these concerns, which is why they have implemented a traffic detail whose primary focus is to proactively monitor problematic areas throughout the City of Montgomery for speeding and street racing.

Montgomery, we heard you! MPD has implemented a traffic detail whose primary focus is to proactively monitor...

Posted by Montgomery Police Department on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

“That is their sole purpose is to combat this problem, because racing is very dangerous and can cost people their lives, so it’s very important that we get this curtailed and stopped as quickly as we can,” Hall said.

Hall said MPD has “details” within their department to combat whatever problem is arising within a particular community.

“So this particular detail is focusing on speeding and racing, and we’ll have other details that might focus on robberies or burglaries or something like that, but this one is for that specifically.”

And if you get pulled over and think you can get away, think again, because MPD can send you a citation in the mail and see you in court at a later date.

“They’re already making a foolish decision by driving that way and the police department’s not gonna compound it by chasing them. We’ll just roll back our cameras, get those tags and mail out the ticket,” Hall said.

MPD hopes that manning the streets with more traffic police will help put an end to this disruptive, illegal and dangerous activity.

“Our whole goal here is to modify the driving behavior so that people drive within the parameters issued under the law, and we absolutely hope within a month to have modified that driving behavior,” Hall said.

MPD is asking anyone who witnesses street racing or any other dangerous driving activity to call 911.

MPD reminds residents that driving 25 mph over the posted speed limit is a fine of $195. Driving 25 mph under the posted speed limit is a $175 fine. A citation for street racing results in a mandatory court appearance.

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