COVID-19 relief bill expected to provide much needed boost to local economy

COVID-19 relief bill expected to provide much-needed boost to local economy

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Montgomery’s Dreamland BBQ manager Bob Parker remembers the early days of the pandemic and its negative effects on the business community.

“I mean you shut us down. We couldn’t feed the people we wanted to feed, and our people had to go into unemployment,” Parker said.

He said a year later things are looking up and he’s planning to open a second location.

As business owners look to the future, they say the latest COVID-19 relief bill should help them make up for past losses.

“It’s a start up to a new economy downtown and a startup to tourism,” CEO of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Anna Buckalew said.

The Montgomery Chamber of Commerce said the bill was necessary to stimulate new economic growth.

“It’s going to help our economy that’s been so hard hit, but also it’s going to need those dollars to help ramp up quickly and start greeting our tourist as quickly as possible,” Buckalew said.

Spring and summer bring more events and local businesses need employees to come to work.

“Without our employees and team members, we can’t serve the public and the guest. So my appeal to people in Montgomery is look, let’s take this money the government given us, let’s get ahead, let’s get healthy, but let’s come back to work,” Parker said.

Which in return is helping bring back life to the city.

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