Montgomery mayor calls for $50M in capital improvement projects

Montgomery mayor calls for $50M in capital improvement projects

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has laid out plans for a number of capital projects that include construction of a new fire station, as well as a large number of new garbage trucks.

The mayor, speaking at a Monday afternoon news conference, said the city aims to reinvest more than $50 million through capital projects.

It’s part of a larger effort by the city to restructure some of its debts to take advantage of historically low interest rates. Reed said the city should be able to save more than $16 million through the process.

Montgomery mayor's full announcement on development plans

Among the largest projects on the agenda will be a new fire station, which the mayor says would be located in west Montgomery, possibly near Court Street and Fairview Avenue. He said public safety needs to buy new equipment, including a pumper truck, which is also part of the plan.

He also pointed to the city’s sanitation department, saying to cover a growing city, sanitation services are vital. Reed’s recommendation includes the purchase of upwards of 15 new garbage trucks to mitigate issues caused by wear and tear on its current fleet.

He pointed to the city’s transportation department, adding “we want to be a green city.” That desire could include the purchase of new electric vehicles and buses.

There are also plans to make improvements to existing recreation centers around the city beyond simple repainting, the mayor stated pointing to technology upgrades. There are also plans for a new multipurpose recreation center.

Other plans are still in the works, the mayor said, adding that there are a lot of things like parking decks on the wish list. Additional details on the multi-million dollar plans are expected soon with the mayor saying the public will have the ability to track how their tax dollars are being spent.

Some of the smaller project could begin to see benefits within 30 days while larger projects would take more time, the mayor said.

The mayor, overseeing the city’s response to a year of pandemic-related issues, said the city is in a strong position, pointing to the fact that there’s been no need to initiate layoffs or furloughs despite the pandemic. The city hasn’t tapped its financial reserves or its lines of credit, either.

Reed said he’ll bring his plans before the Montgomery City Council during its Tuesday meeting.

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