From heartbreaking loss to tears of joy, a Chilton Co. family experiences both after a tornado

Chilton County family survives storm

CHILTON CO., Ala. (WBRC) - A Chilton County family survived the EF-2 tornado that touched down Wednesday, March 17. Some of the Cox family lost everything, even a wedding band. But they’re grateful - they have each other.

This is what’s left in the house at Chilton County. This is near Billingsley.

Tommy Cox and his family are okay, even though some of their belongings were blown five miles from home.

The family said the storm was terrifying as they all huddled into one house. At one point, three of them formed a human chain to keep each other from flying away.

“My sister was being sucked out from the wind, so my son grabbed her feet, then my other son had to grab his feet,” said Tommy Cox.

Cox said the good thing is the family all hunkered down in the house across the street, and that was the one house, that didn’t get damaged.

Patty Cox lost her wedding band during the storm.

When MorLyn’s Fine Jewelry heard about what happened and the loss they reached out to see what the family needed and what they could do.

The owner then offered to give Patty a new wedding band! She worked with a friend to make it happen and to surprise Patty with the donation.

This morning Ann Messer Glasscock reached out to me asking what she could do for Patty N Trent Cox. With of course the...

Posted by Mallory Smith on Thursday, March 18, 2021

Such a kind, beautiful gesture, and a beautiful response from Patty.

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