State reports people who got COVID vaccine out-of-state are being refused second doses

Updated: Mar. 23, 2021 at 8:58 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - State health officials report that some people who got vaccinated for COVID-19 out-of-state are being turned away for their second doses and those people now must be fit into the schedule in Alabama.

Finding a second dose appointment for a particular COVID-19 vaccine for people who went out of state to get vaccinated is something the state would rather not have to deal with, according to Deputy Health Officer Dr. Karen Landers.

Landers said other states are refusing second doses because they want to keep vaccines for their own residents.

It’s not a practice happening in Alabama, according to Landers. But the state prefers for people to return to the site you were originally vaccinated to keep the system running smoothly.

“The reason for that is essentially when a person receives their first dose, the second dose is allocated to that same place,” Dr. Landers said.

But there is a work-around for whatever reason that is preventing you from returning to your original vaccination site, even if that site is in state.

Landers advised hanging on to your vaccine documentation to help providers quickly confirm you’ve gotten the first dose and what type of vaccine you received.

“We generally prefer that people come back to the same location, but if you do not, please bring documentation of your vaccine so that we will know about the date as well as the product you received because the two products are MRNA are not interchangeable,” said Landers.

If you lose your documentation, Landers says the state does have a computer system to look it up, it just prolongs the process.

To get a second dose appointment at a different site, sign up with the entity you wish to be vaccinated by and indicate that you’re seeking a second dose. However, remember the requirements do change by the provider.

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