Lowndes County food bank sees resurgence

Lowndes County food bank sees resurgence

FORT DEPOSIT, Ala. (WSFA) - We’re pleased to update you on a story we first brought you earlier this month. A rural food bank in Lowndes County sounded the call for help in the midst of the pandemic. Many answered in a very big way.

Inside the Harvest Tyme Food Bank there’s enough jumbo onions to make an army cry.

“I’m encouraged,” said Harvest Tyme’s vice president, Roger Bryant.

But here you won’t find tears rolling down over a vegetable, but rather, tears of gratitude.

“Cause I know we have a God above and he’s, he’s touching hearts now and it’s going to get better,” said Bryant.

Two weeks after WSFA 12 News initially told the story of the food bank’s fight for survival, many answered with more than $2,000 worth of cash.

“The largest donation we got from one individual for $1,000,” said Bryant.

They also got 5,000 pounds worth of really large onions.

“You see every day how great the need is,” said David Yohn.

Yohn represents Hope Inspired Ministries, one of the agencies that receives food from Harvest Tyme to serve the hungry.

Yohn was a little surprised by the number of people who were more than happy to get a case of onions. Yohn saw the subtle reminder that when you’re hungry, nothing else really matters.

“We heard from people that were ready to add this to their soups, to others foods, to cook onion rings, and again they were just excited to take whatever was available,” said Yohn.

At one time the Harvest Tyme Food Bank had around 1,500 cases of yellow onions. Today, only 45 cases are left.

“It’s a blessing they donated,” said Bryant.

Bryant and Yohn believe the recent donations have peeled back a comfortable truth in the pandemic - there are still people who care.

Harvest Tyme leaders say since the donations have arrived they’ve been able to feed around 500 people. Before the pandemic Harvest Tyme had a clientele of around 1,500 in Lowndes County.

Harvest Tyme Food Bank’s contact is Debbie Bryant at 334-590-6620.

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