Mixed bag when it comes to Montgomery’s 2021 homicide rate so far

Montgomery police chief reacts to 19 homicides so far in 2021

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - As of April 1, the Montgomery Police Department has reported 19 homicides so far for 2021. That’s nearly double the 10 MPD worked during the same period a year earlier.

But of those 19 cases, arrests have been made in 14. These are just part of the numbers that tell the story of the homicide rate in Montgomery so far this year.

Despite the dreadful news, there is some good news mixed in.

It’s the kind of pain that rips families apart, a generation afflicted through a violent death.

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley says it’s no secret what the issues are in almost every case.

“People, for whatever reason, just don’t get along,” he said. “For whatever reason, they have a disagreement.”

Montgomery ended the first quarter in 2021 with 19 homicides. Of those, police have made 14 arrests. So what about the remaining five cases?

“We got some promising leads, working with the community, put a lot of resources on those particular investigations,” said Finley.

There is some encouraging news behind the dreadful numbers. The chief is starting to notice that more citizens are beginning to step-up and help investigators. And there’s more:

“And then, we’re going to have the tie team, another 10 man unit, and they respond to all shootings, repeat offenders, the high risk call situations,” he said.

In all the homicides so far this year investigators say there’s a common threat that binds all of them.

“For whatever reason, that ego and pride get in the way,” the chief assessed.

In recent years the battle cry has been ‘enough is enough.’ It’s a message that has yet to sink in for those who choose that dark path.

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