City leaders seek answers after shot fired inside Selma High School

Selma seeks answers days after shot fired inside high school

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - A major move is underway to get to the bottom what happened and why last Thursday at Selma High School. That’s when two juveniles got into a physical fight, a scuffle that ultimately led to one of the teens allegedly firing a round from his small-caliber weapon.

Selma City Schools Superintendent Avis Williams led a news conference at Selma High School on April 5, 2021.
Selma City Schools Superintendent Avis Williams led a news conference at Selma High School on April 5, 2021. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

“Seeing the fear and the concern that they had. It was a traumatic event,” said Selma City Schools Superintendent Avis Williams.

Traumatic, frightening and scary. It all unfolded inside Selma High School near the cafeteria last Thursday around 1 p.m.

“We claim together ownership of this problem,” said Selma Mayor James Perkins.

On Monday, around 30 members of the community gathered to toss around ideas to prevent a repeat. It was a meeting called by Williams.

“And this meeting is the Safe Selma Community Alliance,” Williams said.

The meeting Monday morning lasted almost two hours. The fight and the subsequent shooting forced Williams to revert Selma High School back to virtual learning, something that’ll remain in place until further notice.

“How do we engage our parents. That came up. Family engagement and making sure families are involved,” said Williams.

Within a 30-foot radius of the shooting, there were students, teachers and staff members. They all literally dodged the bullet.

One of the issues the committees will be looking at is how the 15-year-old got the gun past the four metal detectors inside the school. The investigation will also focus on why the kids were fighting in the first place.

“We are claiming it and that is the only way that we’ll be able to resolve it,” said Perkins.

The superintendent says she has no complaints how the security officers performed and publicly commended the school principal for his strong leadership in the situation.

“They did engage in the way that would be appropriate for what took place,” she said.

The search is on for solutions. Until then, the juveniles allegedly involved remain ‘locked up,’ according to District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Williams says the committees and subcommittees will report back in due time on their findings. The superintendent declined to say whether the teens will be expelled, calling it a “school board matter.”

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