‘Abandoned Montgomery’ highlights historical places in Capital City

Updated: Apr. 26, 2021 at 5:53 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A new book about Montgomery is on the market telling the stories behind a number of buildings around town that have been abandoned.

The book, called “Abandoned Montgomery”, shines a spotlight on some places that haven’t seen much light in years.

“There’s a lot of history in them. they’re built sturdy, and with care, that modern buildings just cannot compare to,” said author David Bulit. “They seem to more they’re more inclined to just demolish the old days, they see my pictures and they say, you know, just get rid of it. "

The idea behind this project is not to just point out the negativity. It’s to prove that there’s always room for improvement.

“Just to bring awareness to the buildings and the look in history about these places,” explained Bulit, who spent months researching the buildings he featured, contacting current and former owners.

“Once I get deep into researching these places, I spent entire days just looking into them,” Bulit said.

All so his readers can understand what these places once were.

“It just fascinates me how much history a city have interconnected with each other that a lot of people don’t know about,” Bulit added.

The book is available for purchase at https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/Products/9781634992916

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