Huntsville woman finds hateful messages, stuffed monkey with noose in her yard

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 11:12 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - For six months, one Huntsville woman has been the target of horrific crimes, delivered right to her door by a vandal in the middle of the night.

Eva Wilson has found multiple graphic and hateful letters outside her home, rocks on her car...
Eva Wilson has found multiple graphic and hateful letters outside her home, rocks on her car and a stuffed monkey with a noose around its neck.(WAFF)

We first want to warn you, some may find this story disturbing.

“Filthy Pig”. “Greasy piece of black meat”. Those are just some of the words one person is leaving at Eva Wilson’s door to find.

But that’s not the only mark they’ve left.

“They egged my car. Put rocks on top of it on 4/20. I also got this nice monkey with a noose around the neck for Valentine’s Day and a plastic rose,” Eva Wilson, who lives in Merrimack Village in Huntsville said.

Wilson says the letters started back in November of 2020, right around the same time she was furloughed from work due to the pandemic. The last one she received was on April 24.

One of them reads in part, “you’re freakin thankless piece of meat getting welfare, stimulus checks... spent on fake rat hair, fake nails, fake nose ring for your hog snout, and tvs for your crack house.

“It’s 2021. What world is this?” she asks.

“It’s miserable. I have two children. You don’t want to alarm them and make it seem as bad as it really is. But you also have to do that and cry in the bathroom to yourself,” Wilson said.

Wilson says she’s filed a police report after every letter and put up multiple security cameras. One caught the suspect putting a Trump sign in Wilson’s front yard. Another video shows them walking in her backyard.

Wilson says her reports were taken more seriously after a neighbor and friend wrote letters on her behalf.

“It was a beautiful day and I get a knock on the door and it was like the heavens opened. It was 12 police officers ready to walk this neighborhood. And I just.... had a come apart,” Wilson said.

But even so, Wilson is still on guard.

She tells WAFF she doesn’t have any enemies, and can’t understand why anyone would do a thing like this.

“Where is he going with this, what’s he going to do to me?” Ashe questions.

“I love everybody. That’s just who I am. I don’t hate anybody and I certainly would never put anyone through something like this. I wish why he hated me so much. But then again I don’t really care,” Wilson said.

An HPD officer we talked to tells WAFF they have increased patrols in that area.

As for the suspect, Wilson tells us she believes he is a man and appears to be about six feet tall, with a medium build.

You’re asked to call HPD if you have any information.

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