Law enforcement asks public to lock cars, homes following Millbrook break-ins

Published: Jul. 18, 2021 at 6:21 PM CDT
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MILLBROOK, Ala. (WSFA) - The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public to lock-up and protect their belongings from criminals. This follows some recent incidents of theft in Millbrook.

“We get a few reports a week of some sort of break-in or theft,” Maj. Chris Ogden with the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office told WSFA.

Two women were arrested on Friday in Millbrook. Angela Waugh has been charged with has been charged with four counts of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle after stealing catalytic converters from several vehicles, according to the Millbrook Police Department.

Police said Ana Maria Brooks broke into a residence and stole a firearm from a vehicle last month.

Residents are encouraged to lock their cars and bring any valuables inside, such as jewelry, purses, debit cards, designer sunglasses and more.

“Its an easier time for a criminal to break-in to a unlocked vehicle, because obviously all they have to do is open the door,” Ogden said. “If they have to break a window or something of that nature then that’s going to cause a lot of noise.”

Guns, which some may keep in their glovebox, are also typically stolen according to authorities.

“A firearm is something that’s easily transported, and obviously that’s a very appealing target for a criminal to steal,” Ogden said. “That would be something we would not recommend keeping in your vehicle.”

The public is also encouraged lock up the house or apartment at night. Ogden said homeowners should write down the serial number of any valuable products, making them easier to track down if stolen.

“Everything has a serial number on it,” Ogden said on electronics, such as a televisions, stereos and laptops. “Homeowners, typically, don’t take the time to write those numbers down.”

Because manufactures create more than one model, serial numbers help authorities recognize stolen property.

“[If] you don’t have those seral numbers, that makes it very difficult for us trace,” Ogden said.

Given the size of Elmore County, Ogden said law enforcement have effectively prevented many incidents involving theft.

“I would say overall, Elmore County does a good job at keeping the break-ins to a minimum,” he said.

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