Chilton County leaders discuss internet concerns

Internet problems continue to plague Jemison
Internet problems continue to plague Jemison
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 10:11 AM CDT
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CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re continuing to follow up on those internet outage issues impacting parts of Chilton County. You may remember us telling you about the outages that happen for days and the community impact.

Brooke Williams and her husband are an example of students impacted. The couple is enrolled virtually at Montevallo University. When the internet is out, they can’t do homework or complete major tests or projects. The couple uses the only provider in the area, which is CenturyLink, and say the issues are ongoing.

Chilton County leaders say they are considering using COVID relief money to improve infrastructure to provide more options.

“We have some federal COVID money that’s come in to us,” said Joseph Parnell, Chilton County Commission Chair. “We’re looking at what it would cost the county to complete a route of fiber around a geographic area of the county and the county may at some point give incentives to come and put that fiber in.”

County leaders say they’re still trying to figure out from CenturyLink what caused the outage last week that lasted more than 24 hours.

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