Doctors fighting to save dog’s leg after she fell into ravine

Cascade was rescued after a little girl alerted police that they found a dog that fell down a...
Cascade was rescued after a little girl alerted police that they found a dog that fell down a ravine.(Times Daily)
Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 8:01 AM CST
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KILLEN, Ala. (WAFF) - A little girl is being credited as the reason an 8-year-old German Shepard was rescued, according to our news partners at the Times Daily.

St. Florian police officers Andy Moyers, Johnny Conley and reserve officer Cody Simpson were having dinner when a grandmother and her granddaughter walked into the restaurant and told them about a dog that seemed to be hurt in a wooded area at the bottom of a 300-foot ravine.

The grandmother and granddaughter were walking in the wooded area off Culver Ellis Boulevard “treasure hunting” and came across the wounded dog.

The three officers found the dog but knew they couldn’t get the dog out without some help. That’s when they made the call to the Killen Fire Department.

Firefighters worked to set up a rope system to lower crews down the 300-foot ravine to save the dog. With the help of the officers, firefighters successfully rescued the dog and brought him up and onto a stretcher.

“That little girl was definitely the hero of the day,” Moyers told the Times Daily.

Killen Assistant Fire Chief Wesley Tidwell said two firefighters made their way down the steep ravine to put the dog in a stokes basket and then pull everyone out.

“It was just another day at the office,” Tidwell said of the rescue.

The dog was sent to Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services Monday night, according to Moyers. Veterinarians later found out she was suffering from a broken leg. She was then taken to Fisher Animal Hospital Tuesday.

Cheryl Jones, director of Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services, said the dog, which they have named Cascade, has numerous illnesses and injuries.

“She’s got a pretty nasty break on her femur on her right rear leg,” Jones told the Times Daily. “They’ll have to figure out if the leg can be fixed or has to be amputated.”

Jones said she does not know how the dog could have ended up at that location.

“Where she was found is not a place she would find herself,” Jones said. “She definitely had help getting there. I don’t know if she may have been dropped in there and fell down or if she was helped, but she definitely has injuries consistent with a fall.”

Despite Cascade’s injuries, doctors say she is a wonderful dog.

“She’s sweet,” Jones said. “She has such a sweet demeanor.”

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