Michigan man surrenders more than 800 parakeets

Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 10:27 AM CST
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DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Michigan man surrendered more than 800 parakeets that were living inside his father’s home.

“I was livid. How does this happen?” Shannon Kramer with Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab said.

Kramer, a seasoned bird rescuer, said she could not believe what was happening when a man surrendered 838 budgies, a kind of parakeet.

The birds were all in one room in the home.

“Bless him for getting help and not just opening a window. That’s dangerous. They would have all died,” Kramer said.

Kelley LaBonty with Detroit Animal Welfare Group got the call from the man’s son who first surrendered 497 parakeets just before Christmas Eve.

This week, he brought 339 more parakeets that were alive, but in clear distress.

“They were all on top of each other and suffocating and very stressed. They weren’t even moving when they arrived. I thought they were all dead,” LaBonty said.

She brought several other rescues in to help. They separated the parakeets that are now being checked by veterinarians.

“We were concerned yesterday because they were so crammed in those boxes,” Kramer said.

Dr. Melissa McNally at Jolly Road Veterinary Hospital is one of the veterinarians checking out the birds.

“Some (had) tattered feathers just because of the close proximity of other birds. I have one that just had a missing toe tip. An older female has a little bit of a buildup of kerotene on her nose. But so far, so good,” she said. “I have 300 more to go.”

Kramer said that when the birds get adopted out, she does not want them to breed.

For anyone interested in adopting a parakeet, LaBonty said you must remember that they are noisy and messy.

“They’re part of the family. They require enrichment. You just don’t keep them in a cage and clean the cage and put food and water in once a day,” she said. “They require interaction with their human, and they require flight time. It is a commitment for seven to 15 years.”

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