Parents of Bama Lanes shooting victim speak

Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 7:34 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The parents of the shooting victim Jeffery Reed are speaking out.

Jeffery and Kimby Reed’s world has been torn apart by murder of their son, who died in a shooting at Bama Lanes bowling alley in Montgomery early Sunday.

“I’m tired of our kids just getting shot down down like they nobody. My baby was everything to me,” said Kimby Reed.

The Reeds say their 21-year-old son was passionate about football and was raised to treat everyone right.

“He was a good child, a very respectful child, hard working. Little Jeff would do anything for anyone. He was hardworking guy and a stand-up guy,” said Kimby Reed.

Jeffery Reed was fatally shot at Bama Lanes bowling alley in Montgomery on Jan. 9, 2022.
Jeffery Reed was fatally shot at Bama Lanes bowling alley in Montgomery on Jan. 9, 2022.(Source: Family)

The Reeds say the last time they spoke to their son was on Saturday night after got off work and was headed to Bama Lanes. It was early Sunday morning when they got the call that no parent wants to get.

“I ran every stop sign from 5th Street all the way to Bama Lanes. And when I got there I seen all my people crying and I know my son was dead,” said Jeffery Reed.

“It’s senseless. I want justice for my baby,” said Kimby Reed.

What the Reeds say they are most angry about is that the suspect, 23-year-old Tory Johnson, was able to bail out of jail so quickly. Johnson is charged with murder and assault.

“Seven people got shot, my boy dead, and I’m mad about that,” said Jeffery Reed.

“They don’t value life at all. And I’m just sick, I’m sick to my soul. My baby, I’ll never see him again,” said Kimby Reed.

Jeffery and Kimby Reed are now hoping more people in the community see how the violence in Montgomery is tearing apart families.

“This hurt me to my soul. It hurt my husband, hurt his brothers and sister, and hurt his family members. This is a big loss, and something got to be done,” said Kimby Reed.

The Reeds say they are appreciative of the thoughts and prayers that have poured in for their family during this time. They said if anyone would like to make a donation they can do so at Cummings Funeral Home.

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