NOAA publishes summer 2022 outlook

Alabama likely sees above normal temperatures
Summer heat
Summer heat(WBTV)
Published: May. 20, 2022 at 7:52 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Hot, hot and more hot. That’s every summer in Alabama. This summer, though, may be even hotter than what we typically see.

That’s according to the official summer outlook just issued by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

Temperatures will likely be above average this summer.
Temperatures will likely be above average this summer.(WSFA 12 News/NOAA)

Above average temperatures are favored not only in Central Alabama, but across the entirety of the Southeast and Deep South. Above normal temps are actually favored for nearly all of the U.S.

But what does “above average” actually mean for our part of the world? Good thing you asked...

Here’s how Montgomery’s average highs and lows stack up in June, July and August:

  • June: 91.5°/69.0°
  • July: 93.7°/72.1°
  • August: 93.6°/71.4°

So with the above average outlook that would suggest most days being near or just above those monthly averages. Of course you will get some days that are below those numbers; that’s just how weather works.

But a majority of our days will be in the lower and middle 90s with a good helping of upper 90s likely. It is very possible temperatures in Central Alabama reach the 100-degree mark at least a time or two for the first time since October of 2019.

Most overnights will be spent in the lower 70s, but some nights may not get below 74°.

Above normal rainfall is favored this summer.
Above normal rainfall is favored this summer.(WSFA 12 News/NOAA)

We know it’ll be hot, but what about relief from rainfall? Well, actually, there is a bit of good news in this department for this summer.

The outlook favors above normal rainfall for every county in Central and South Alabama. Since the high heat can become problematic with a lack of rain this is great news.

The average monthly rainfall for June, July and August looks like this for Montgomery:

  • June: 4.08″
  • July: 5.06″
  • August: 4.02″

If you add those totals up you get a summer rainfall average of 13.16″. With the outlook favoring above normal rain that means we can expect more days with pop-up storms and downpours. Total summer rainfall will likely be more than 13.16″ for the southern half of Alabama.

Dry days will still occur throughout the summer, don’t get me wrong. And it’s not a guarantee that this outlook ends up being entirely correct. Some locations will get less rain than others, but most should get a healthy helping of daily showers and storms.

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