June’s temperature and rain outlook

Expect plenty of 90-degree heat!
Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 11:49 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - June is here! That means it’s time to prepare for these three mainstays: heat, humidity and daily pop-ups.

But it doesn’t take me telling you that; it’s something we should all be familiar with this time of year living in Alabama.

June usually features highs in the lower 90s and lows in the upper 60s.
June usually features highs in the lower 90s and lows in the upper 60s.(WSFA 12 News)

The average temperatures in June in Central Alabama look like this:

  • June 1st: 89.5°/66.0°
  • June 15th: 91.6°/69.1°
  • June 30th: 92.9°/71.3°

Of course those are only averages. Not every day is right at the average temperature, but it’s usually pretty close barring a rare June cold front, an unusually rainy day or an early season tropical system.

Above average temperatures are favored in June.
Above average temperatures are favored in June.(WSFA 12 News)

We can look farther than just averages when it comes to projecting how a particular month will play out. The Climate Prediction Center issues temperature and precipitation forecasts each month throughout the year, and June’s outlook was just released.

It paints all of Alabama and the Deep South in the orange “above average temperatures favored” category. This outlook doesn’t mean every single day will be above normal in our region, but the month as a whole is favored to wind up warmer than normal.

Knowing average highs range from 90 degrees to 93 degrees in June, I would bank on seeing highs in that range and hotter most days. Several days in the mid-90s and a couple of days in the upper 90s will almost certainly occur. I doubt we will see more than a handful days below 90 degrees based on this outlook.

June is forecast to be near normal in the rainfall department.
June is forecast to be near normal in the rainfall department.(WSFA 12 News)

The rainfall projection for Alabama and neighboring states tells us to expect a rather average June. We are in neither the “above average favored” or “below average favored” category for the month ahead.

Unless we get a late month tropical system or a rare cold front June 2022 should wind up near the normal of just over four inches of rainfall. There’s nothing in the meteorological pattern over the next few weeks that suggests it will be bone dry or overly wet in our part of the state. The most likely scenario will be our typical pop-up showers and storms most days.

Nothing too wild with the June outlook, but some hotter than normal days appear to be on their way!

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