No-confidence resolution against Union Springs mayor approved

Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 10:48 PM CDT
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UNION SPRINGS, Ala. (WSFA) - City Council members in Union Springs have made another effort to try and push the mayor out of office.

The City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution of no confidence in Roderick Clark’s ability to lead the city as mayor and are asking him to resign.

“We’re just at a point that we don’t see another way,” said Councilmen Louis Murray.

“I think that the resolution passed tonight was one of a mistake,” Clark said.

Murray said the council’s number one problem is the mayors lack of communication.

“He’s not running the day-to-day operation. The city basically running by itself,” Murray said.

Clark said his position as mayor is part time, which requires him to have more than one job.

“Hopefully that we can build a tax base and revenue equipped to suffice a full-time mayor, but until then please be patient with me,” Clark said.

Murray said this is the third resolution brought forth against the mayor and is the second time they have asked Clark to resign.

A resolution was already passed by the council asking the state to investigate the mayor for “misconduct or wrongdoings,” including the alleged harassment of city employees and the alleged improper spending of city funds.

“We did one resolution to take the finance power from him. We also did another resolution to report him to the ethics committee,” Murray said.

Clark denies the allegations and says it’s all a misunderstanding. Clark said the previous resolution stated that he mismanaged funds leading to the loss of up to $35,000 in housing authority checks.

“Those checks were misplaced and also cashed and put into the city general fund by being rewritten by the housing authority themselves,” Clark said. “No checks have been tampered with, no checks have been deposited or cashed in any illegal form or way.”

Clark also said one of the previously set forth resolutions stated that the city did not have a good relationship with Alabama Power. Clark said once Alabama Power found out, they removed themselves from the wording in the resolution.

“It’s because we have a great working relationship and they saw and it could pretty much put them in a liable state,” Clark said.

Clark does not have to resign under the no-confidence resolution. Murry said if Clark does not step down, their next step will be to impeach him.

When asked, Clark said he does not have any plans to resign. His only plans are to continue to “move the community forward.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, Clark said the resolution will stay until vetoed.

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