World Games events beginning to sell out

Organizers encourage you to grab your seat while you still can
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 5:27 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The World Games are now just 17 days away and World Games leaders believe tickets will only get harder to find in the days ahead.

CEO Nick Sellers is pleased with the numbers he has seen so far, but hopes they will see another surge in sales over the next few weeks.

Only three events are sold out right now but the World Games team is working hard to change that. Over the last few months, commercials and additional exposure provided by the inaugural USFL season drastically increased the number of tickets sold.

Sellers said after every TV spot they saw an increase in ticket purchases but he also believes the day pass ticket sale option will provide a big boost to interest and ticket sales as the big event draws near.

“The day passes are for all the events that are not already totally sold out. So really the only events right now that are totally sold out are racket ball, squash and sumo. So those are excluded but everything else is still open. There is plenty of seating capacity and there will be great opportunity to taste all these fun sports,” said Sellers.

For organizers the day pass option was about giving everyone an affordable option to enjoy multiple events.

“How many chances do you get to see these Olympic level sports, and athletes from over one hundred countries right in your back yard? So we wanted to make it affordable for families in this community.”

Sellers also believes the atmospheres his team is creating will be key in drawing large crowds. He points to the Sloss Furnace events’ growth as another ticket surge indicator.

“We are seeing more and more a lot of interest in Sloss Furnace. Both weekends that will be a huge attraction. Parkour and break dancing during the first weekend and the second will be beach handball and sports climbing. There is a chance a Ukrainian athlete will break a world record in that. So a lot of excitement.”

Another event that is filling up quickly is the Opening Ceremony. Sellers says there are only 3,000 - 4,000 tickets still available, so you best act fast. To ensure you have a seat for the World Games, you can click here.


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