Alabama Democrats continue to call for removal of grocery tax

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:23 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Only three states in the country tax grocery items, and advocates say Alabama’s 4% tax costs families about two weeks’ worth of groceries.

James Carter, a lifelong Montgomery resident, says he’s really seen how prices have changed.

“I’ll be 89 this coming September,” said Carter.

During his life in Montgomery, Carter has seen a lot, including the price of his groceries increase.

“Eggs are going up and down and milk,” said Carter.

Those both cost less than 30 cents around the time Carter was born. Now, across the country eggs can average $3 and milk nearly $5.

“It’s the same urgency that’s always been,” said Rep. Dexter Grimsley. “Now we’re just more people are talking about it.”

That’s why Alabama Democrats and their supporters continue to call for the repeal of the state’s 4% tax on groceries.

“Groceries are something that it shouldn’t be a choice as to how much we’re spending on them,” said Grimsley.

“Everyone’s upset, we go to the grocery store. Costs are just going up and up. That is totally a state issue,” said Robyn Hyden with Alabama Arise.

The tax goes towards the state’s education trust fund, which is what lawmakers continue to debate on how to replace.

“We won’t affect the Education Trust Fund, to make sure it stays where it’s at, or even grow, but also figure out a way to decrease that that grocery tax over the course of several years,” said Grimsley.

Even Alabamians like Carter, who may not do all his own shopping, would like relief from the prices, either with a cut to the tax or for inflation to drop.

“My granddaughter does all the grocery shopping for me I come and get a little small item,” said Carter.

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