Auburn family creates non-profit in honor of son’s death

Auburn family creates non-profit in honor of son’s death
Auburn family creates non-profit in honor of son’s death
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - An Auburn family is creating a new legacy for their son, who died over the summer. Dylan Pegues was killed shortly after a single vehicle accident in June.

His car knocked over a utility pole, creating a deadly charge when Peguses’ stepped onto the pavement. News Leader 9 sat down with Dylan’s parents, who are speaking for the first time since the accident.

On June 20th Deborah and Gary Pegues received a phone call no parent ever wants to receive.

“Were only eight weeks out from the accident, and I think we joined a club you know that a lot of people don’t want to join as parents, and it’s the kind of club that you realize you’re not sure how you’re going to put on foot in front of the other,” said Deborah.

Dylan’s parents said he was filled with love and compassion, always putting others first before himself.

Dylan was a goalie for the Auburn high school soccer team and was a well-known photographer here in Auburn. His parents wanted to continue his legacy by starting the D1 Life foundation.

The mission statement,

Dylan’s father, Gary, said the name originated after a family history of athletes and Dylan wanting to become a professional soccer player.

“When Dylan passed, the focuses really shifted towards living a life at an elite level as opposed to aspiring to get a D1 scholarship, for example,” said Gary.

Gary said living the D1 life means living at the highest level of love, kindness, and generosity through Christ.

Deborah said Dylan received his first camera at 14 years old and started taking pictures of his sister and her group of friends. Although she noted Dylan was far beyond his age, he went out one day and bought dresses with his own money for those girls to feel special when getting their pictures taken.

Dylan wanted to attend the University of Austin to continue his photography but couldn’t leave the family he made here with the Auburn community.

Deborah said a few weeks before the accident, Dylan and his father were looking into finding Dylan an office here in Auburn to stay connected with the clients he grew to love.

“He would save the money and buy the next camera and the next camera,” she said.

Gary says the money raised for the D1 Life Foundation will go towards areas in Dylan’s life to continue his legacy. Including scholarships for kids to play soccer, photography scholarships, sending kids off to the motion conference sponsored by Church of the Highlands, and scholarships to high school seniors in the area.

“One of the things that Dylan also did well that again is not something I remember doing as a young person. You know you always hear the cliché life is short. You know sometimes it’s shorter than we anticipate but to not wait. Not wait to say I love you, not wait to hug your mama in public and that was something Dylan always did.”

“We know that we are going to see Dylan again one day, but until then, we have a job to do continue the legacy that he was going so well as a young person,” said Deborah.

Click here to donate to the D1 Life Foundation or learn more about Dylan’s story.

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