Police, school leaders investigate concerning notebook at Calera Middle School

Calera Middle School
Calera Middle School(WBRC)
Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 10:08 PM CDT
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CALERA, Ala. (WBRC) - Calera police and school leaders investigated a notebook found at Calera Middle School on Wednesday.

A member of the school staff said the notebook was filled with names of students.

According to Calera police, the notebook found was similar to a notebook from a Netflix show called Death Note.

After Calera police were informed of a possible threatening notebook, they immediately took action.

Chief David Hyche said with anything big or small they have to find out all the facts.

It’s like when you get on an airplane you don’t in front of TSA joke that there’s a bomb on the plane, even if something is not a serious threat, it has to be treated like it is,” Hyche said.

Along with the police department, the district attorney’s office and the school conducted a joint investigation into the findings of the notebook

“Kids that you really don’t want to damage that may have done something that is not dangerous, but it appears to be so there is constant communication going on all day,” Hyche said.

The parents of the students mentioned in the notebook were notified as well as the city of Calera in a Facebook post issued by the police department.

That social media post meant to keep rumors from swirling with false information.

“Kids that are listening - don’t joke around with school safety or school threats,” Hyche said. “Even if it’s a game, we have to take it seriously and you may even get in trouble or get punished and you could get in trouble with the law for doing something like that.”

The situation has been resolved with the possible threat not being credible at this time.


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